Saturday, February 26, 2011

Time to unwind...

Last night, me and my coworker Aneesah met up with her friends at TGIF for some dinner & drinks
Me & Aneesah
My yummy strawberry mango frozen margarita
It was a great way to just unwind for the night and destress from the week. As for my makeup, its the usual Plumage and Carbon, only this time with UD Half Baked on lid.
Also, lately my right eye has been having a sharp pain. It feels like someone just took and knife and decided to just twist it and cut my eye. After the pain went down, I started disinfecting my makeup thanks to my lovely friend Liz (check out her blog here). I disinfected all my eye products with alcohol & since I'm staying in tonight I'm giving my eyes a break. If any of you girls ever experience irritation with your makeup, DISINFECT! Thanks again Liz for the advice =)
xoxo Have a fabulous weekend


  1. I hope your eye feels better! How do you disinfect your makeup with the alcohol? My mom is prone to infections and she always ends up throwing stuff away.

  2. hope your eye feels better soon sweetie so we can have more makeup looks. U&ur co-worker look amazing.

    I wash all my brushes etc with antibacterial washes,i hardly suffer from irritation on my face&eyes