Saturday, February 5, 2011

i live for nights like this

So last night, me, Johane and my older sister Diondra went to see Roommate. I didn't get too done up cuz it was just the movies but me being the girliest girl I still did my makeup.

Very simple look. I'm wearing Naked, Buck, and a dark brown from my CS Palette. For foundation, I wore Revlon PhotoReady, cheeks are Florida Blushcreme and lips are I Like it Like That l/g with Baby Sparks d/g on top.
& then after our late movie, we decided to head out to a lounge and meet up with a few friends that were there. We got there super late already, around 1 am but the bouncer was super nice and let us in without paying full price :)

As you can see we deff weren't prepared for going out after the movie, but the place was pretty casual. I know most of you are used to seeing my little sister cuz we're so close, but the last girl on the right is my older sister Diondra, shes 23 and I know, we look nothing alike.
Anyway, hope you all enjoy your weekend
xoxo Kay


  1. i love your simple look.
    its really fresh and gorgeous.<3

  2. love the lips,u look very pretty!


  3. Simple but still pretty! Sometimes the spontaneous outings are the most fun. Glad to see you're enjoying your weekend =]