Friday, February 18, 2011

Viva Glam Gaga 2

First thing this morning, I went to MAC and got my hands on Viva Glam Gaga 2 lipstick & lipglass.

I also B2Md for Plumage, I cant wait to use it in a smokey eye. I've heard some complaints on how its hard to blend, but I've seen Leina use it in her videos and it looked really nice.
& here's me in VG2

I LOVE it =) Good job Gaga & MAC. This is a nice nude for darker skin tones as well, which I was worried about. Also, you may need a liner to bring out the color. On my cheeks, the MUA put Raizin blush on me but I was already wearing Madly Magenta with Deep Throat. This mix is gorgeous. Raizin is next on my list to get.
Happy Friday. Can't wait to see more of you with VG2.


  1. Omg It looks great on you! I debating if I should get it or not.

  2. Pretty! The shadow looks oh so glam on you! xo

  3. That looks great on u! I just ordered mine..I wasn't gonna do it at first but then I caved..BTW..I got the China glaze crackle at eBay..ill post the link when I get home cuz I'm at work right now..they were $5.99 each with $3.00 combined shipping

  4. looks pretty on u sweetie,idk whether will get it.Love ur FOTD as usual

  5. I got the China glaze crackle here