Friday, February 18, 2011


Went to a place called Mangos last night with none other then Johane. Heres my makeup:

this was taken when I got home so most of the colors faded
I have UD Naked on lid, MAC Moonlight Night p/g and Carbon in outer corner, and UD Buck in Crease.
My cheeks are Madly Magenta Cream Colour Base with NARS Deep Throat on top.
Lips are Mellow Mood l/s & Buddin Romance l/g
& some flicks from the night

I love this last pic ^-^
xoxo & happy president's weekend


  1. wow that eyeshadow stayed on pretty good!! I love your always have such amazing dresses that I could never pull

  2. Dayum kay kay you look so smitten! Gorgeous! Love smokey looks on you.