Sunday, February 27, 2011

Berry Love

So today I went to my school's library to work on a 4 page paper. I had no intention to do my makeup because, well its the library, but I was bored earlier & decided to do something simple. Nothing on my eyes because the right one is still in pain, so I opted for my MUFE HD Blush in Innuendo.

The only thing I dislike about this blush is the packaging. It's a pump and not even a half a pump will give you too much. & then when I use the stippling brush, the color isnt evenly distributed on the brush. If any of you have this, please let me know how you use it.
On my lips is NYX Narcissus with MAC Budding Romance l/g on top
Anyway, off to finish the rest of this paper! Oh joy -__-
xoxo Kay


  1. You look great, as always! (^_^)

    Btw, I don't have Primark where I live neither...but I have a neighbour who works in another city where there is a Primark and last time I went home he convinced my parents to go there! I hope I can go again, 'cos the tights are gorgeous! And they were pretty cheap

  2. The pink looks good on you!

    And I gave you a blogger award! Here are the details :

  3. The color looks really nice on you! xo

  4. It's good to have little makeup sometimes! But your cheeks and lips are cool....i like pink blush!

  5. I luv this blush on looks gorgeous on u! This is my fav on u!

  6. Pretty! It looks really nice on you! xo