Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm In Mexico!!! =)

Hola!! I'm here blogging in the beautiful Cancun, Mexico. They are an hour behind us from the east coast. It's 11:50pm here. This is me in front of the hotel. I didn't do my makeup until about 5 due to luggage taking forever to get to the room (believe me, I was going crazy because all my mac stuff was in my bag and i wanted my 187 brush bad) and the HUMIDITY. I think my face would have melted off. But Studio Fix is still doing it's job but I'm not going to wear it during the day.

Me and my sisters ordered room service the second we got in the room!

Our lovely view

Me & my lil sis at the beach

and of course my makeup! Definately wanted bright colors to be in such a beautiful, cultural, and exciting place

Need to work on my blending skills but ugh w/e. My face is the usual and blues from my CS Palette.
So i have this idea that tomorow I want to line my eyes in the Mexico flag colors with my CS Palette. I don't want to put color all over my lid and look to crazy so maybe just lining it.
And omg the airport i flew out from had MAC! I was in LOVE! I was so tempted to buy another Studio Fix since I had to check in all my makeup ugh but whatever.
And i LOVE LOVE LOVE my 187! Such a good investment and it was worth the $$$
Hope you all are having a fab weekend
xoxo and hit me up if you are interested in the meet and greet mentioned in the previous post.


Friday, July 30, 2010

AHH YES! The 187 is finally mine! + Blogger Meet & Greet

I'm so excited. I been dying for the 187 ever since my job didnt put my other 33 hours in my last check so this check had all my hours combined so the first thing I did today was go to Mac!
First of all I got food poisoning yesterday and my stomach was still funny today but once my check came in the mail I instantly threw on clothes and makeup and splurged!

And after finding out by reading MakeUp My Addiction blog I bought a foundation pump for my studio fix fluid. I had no clue they had this and its $6 so I bought that too.
Heres my makeup look today:

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC55
MAC BlushCreme in Posey
A brown from CS palette on lid
MAC Eyeshadow in Brun on crease
NYC Liquid Liner
Brows filled in with Brun
MAC Lipstick in Fresh Brew
MAC Creamsheen Lipglass in Fashion Whim


If your located in NY or the tri state area, Haute Doll Eyes is planning a meet and greet. I'm so excited bc meet and greets are never near me so I'll deff be there. Please comment below or on her page with your email if you are interested.
Click here for more info
The day will consist of makeup shopping and of course being in the wonderful NY so hit us up for details.

Tomorrow morning I'm leaving for Mexico. I want to start my portfolio there with all the luscious scenery! Ahh be back Friday
xoxo my beauty lovers have a good and safe weekend

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Green With Envy

So I called this look Green With Envy inspired by the Maybelline Eye Studio eyeshadow. I'm wearing a grey top with hints of green and wanted to brighten it up a bit. Hope you guys like! I definately need a primer and paint pot to brighten up my colors though, but I'm still working on my skills. Always room for improvement right?
xoxo Kay

Monday, July 26, 2010

POP of Purple!

Hello my beauty lovers! So being that purple is my favorite color and I had on white today, I figured I'll do a purple look for work today!


I absolutely love using my CS Palette. So many possibilities. I'm gona possibly order the Sedona Lace 120 Palette so I can add some matte shades to my collection.
Studio Fix Fluid has still been working great. Next on my list is to get a eye primer and a paint pot to make my colors pop more. After reading The Fancy Face Blog (check it out by the way, her looks and tips are amazing) I was more inspired to get more into makeup and application. I want to start doing makeup on the side to improve my skills because right now they are pretty basic, nothing special but hey gota start somewhere.

Anyways, I'm leaving for Mexico on Saturday and I want to take a bunch of creative pics there for my portfolio. Ahhh excited! Any tips you have for me, let me know. Im bringing my makeup case to create some new looks to incorporate with the scenery in Mexico. Then I plan on printing them in big glossy prints to start my makeup portfolio to see what I can work on. So much to learn in makeup!
xoxo KayKay

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Where to Start?

Hii my lovely readers! So I've been told a lot I should model. Im 19, 5 feet 10, and really slim. The issue is, I don't know where to begin. I googled some things and most suggested try Model Mayhem. I was willing to try and thought maybe I should just find a photographer, get my makeup done and get started. Then I googled about MM. There's mixed reviews about it. I don't know where to begin at all! I always tell my little 9 year old sister Dream Big, you'll end up on Disney one day. Disney has inspired us so much because these are hard working children making a name for them self and they teach children to dream big too. Ugh anybody know anything about modeling and where to start. I live in NJ but I hear NY is a main city for it. Let me know!
Anyway on to other things. Friday night I went to Queens, NY once again to a club with Eliza. It was fun as always, had a few drinks, dance, enjoy the nightlife.

I got the dress from Brooklyn a year ago and my makeup look:

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC55
MAC Creamblush in Posey
NYC Setting Powder
Maybelline Expertwear in Emerald Smokes
NYC Liquid Liner
Brows are filled in with MAC Eyeshadow in Brun
MAC Lipstick in Fresh Brew
MAC Creamsheen Lipgloss in Fashion Whim

Hope you all had a fab weekend! And does anyone know how I can add stuff to the side of my blog? I'm so lost, arghhh help!!!
xoxo kay

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Peachy Look

Hi all. So i got bored of my regular nuetrals and browns and decided to experiment in my CS palette and do a peachy look for work today

without flash

with flash
Colors Used

Its actually in order this time from lid to crease to outer corner
My face is the usual. Studio Fix is working great and not as heavy as Studio Sculpt. I still set in with NYC Powder. The only difference today is Im wearing Mac Lipstick in Lovelorn and Mac Dazzleglass in Extra Amps on top.
Off to work xoxo almost friday!

here's me in 2nd my jobs parking lot. the lighting was perfect so i took a pic with my blackberry.

so im at work now and just found out Mac Dare to Wear collection will be out next thursday, which is before my 2nd jobs payday which gives me the big bucks. ugh i hope the good colors arent sold out. i dont work fridays at my 2nd job and my 1st job usually has me on call so hopefully they dont call me in. i will be in the mall splurging. ahhh super excited
and any good cream blush recommendations? i always wear posey and i want to switch it up
thanks! now back to work hehe

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Clean Brushes & a CS Look!

Hello all! So today i finally cleaned my brushes using Johnson's Baby Shampoo and let me tell you, that is your brushes BFF! theyre close like PB&J haha but seriously i saw all the product wash off and my mac 188 is white again! i was so excited i took a picture

even my little puppy "K Wild" was excited hehe =)

and me very excited my 188 was good as new!
So today I did another gold look for work. Most of the time I use Give Me Gold from Maybelline but today I decided to use from browns and golds from my Coastal Scents 88 Palette.


So it hasn't been as humid as last week but it has been hot and my face has been a lot less shiny since I switched to Studio Fix Fluid. This is now day two and I still put NYC Setting Powder on top but only once which is right after I finish my makeup. Major improvement! Will keep you all posted for those extra humid days.
My face is the usual, MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC55, browns/golds from 88 palette, NYC Liquid Liner, MAC Creamblush in Posey, MAC Lipstick in fresh brew and creamsheen glass in Fashion Whim, brows filled in Mac Eyeshadow Brun

Baby Shampoo is your brushes best friend!
xoxo kay

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Sick Obsession...

Hello all! so this is the third time i've changed my blog name. first it was going to be a beauty blog then i erased it a few months ago then i just decided to come back and call it the party girls world but i follow mainly beauty blogs, get inspired, and decided to call it a A Sick Obsession. For now i guess it covers it all. I have an obsession with makeup and partying so there you go! and i hope you all enjoy my new banner.
Anyway, this weekend on Saturday I went to a pool party/bbq with one of my coworkers Sharene. It was like an island party full of people from Trinidad, Jamaica. etc. I had a good time

jessica, my coworker sharene and i with our jello shots =)

us again in the hot tub
so onto the beauty
since its so hot everytime i come off of work at 9pm my parents tell me i look like i slathered my face in vaseline and that my face looks like a mask! so i bought nyc setting powder in translucent (thanks to watching dulcecandy87 vids lol) which worked for like 30 minutes! ugh so i went to the mac store and told the mua my situation and asked if i need a new setting powder or a new foundation. i currently wear studio sculpt. she recommended mac studio fix fluid which ive seen my friends and a lot of YT gurus use so i gave it a shot. today is my first day wearing it and i still set it with NYC setting powder so i'll review on it tomorrow.
also i went in for only the foundation and ended up asking about eyebrows! lol i bought eyeshadow in brun to fill in my brows

these are my new products which are being tested out today so i will deff review these in the next post depending on todays circumstances

Mac Studio Fix Fluid NC55 applied with 188 stippling brush
Mac Creameblush in Posey with 188
NYC Setting Powder in Translucent
Maybelline Eystudio in Give Me Gold
NYC Liquid Eyeliner
Brows are filled in with MAC Brun Eyeshadow
Mac Lipstick in Fresh Brew
Mac Creamsheen Lipgloss in Fashion Whim
thanks for reading and hello to my new followers. i only have 6 following but hey, u gota start out somewhere right? love you all
xoxo kaykay

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Outfit & Face Of The Day

Hello lovelies. So most of the blogs I follow do Outfits & Faces of the day so I figured why not give it a try? I work two jobs, a morning job from 8 to 1 at a daycare which is on call and as a tutor at my college from 3 to 9 which is Mon - Thurs.
Usually when I get called into the daycare i look like crap! lol i mean i work with babies, theres no reason to look good, no makeup or anything. but for my other job at school, I don't really have to dress up or anything but I just like looking better and doing my makeup. Every other job I've been working with kids and there was no need for makeup so I only get to play in it on the weekends or when I'm going out at night.
Anyway, enough of my ramblings. Since I was didn't get called into the daycare and have extra time to get ready for job #2, I decided to post my OOTD and FOTD

Idk about you guys, but I usually do my makeup according to my mood. Today is such a gloomy day here in NJ and its raining ugh! So besides doing a bright blue smokey eye to match my outfit, I did grey.
Here I have on:
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation NC55
MAC Creme Blush in Posey
Maybelline EyeStudio in Charcoal Smokes
NYC Liquid Liner
For my lips I'm wearing Mac Lipstick in Lovelorn and on top is MAC cremesheeen glass in Deelight

And to work I'm wearing just a regular blue top and some Brazilian grey jeans

well thatz all I have for now. Time to head out to my students
Kisses and have a great day!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend Recap =)

Hi lovelies. So this weekend went pretty well. I got a lil makeup look to show you guys too!
So Saturday, Eliza and I drove to Long Island, NY to Jones Beach and afterwards we drove over to Brooklyn to a spot called Apolo. It's a chinese restaurant with spanish food as well and the chinese workers speak spanish too!

they kicked everyone off the beach cuz the storm was coming but me and eli stayed on to take some pix

we both ordered a Blue Hawaiian - yum!

i wasnt really that hungry so i ordered chicken on a stick

eliza's food
and today the fam and i went to dorney park but only to the waterpark

i really wanted to do a makeup look that matched my bikini but being that i woke up at 8am i was WAY to tired to be creative, but i most likely will do a look this week and post it
also my little sister wore this nice purple and yellow outfit today which inspired me to do a makeup look on her. the colors just blended so nicely on the clothes so i had to try it out. shes always my lil project hehe

i used the coastal scents 88 shimmer pallete. the colors marked with a star are what i used. i used lightest shade for her highlight, yellow for the lid, same light color for her inner tear duct, lighter purple for the crease and darker purple for the outer corner. i used different brushes from sonia kashuk to create the look and blend, blend, blend - the key to makeup!

the yellow i had to keep packing on but the other colors were very pigmented and went on well. i swatched the yellow compared to purple on my hand so u can see

i also used my new nude lip stuff from mac - fresh brew lipstick and cremesheen lipgloss in fashion whim

lastly, payday is friday and im soo excited because hot miami styles has a bunch of new dresses that i cant wait to order!

the end =) soo i hope u all had a fab weekend