Friday, July 9, 2010

Do you like it in the NUDE?

hey loves. so i been dying to try the nude lip cuz i always do my whole face but just clear gloss. soo i paid a visit to the mac store yesterday and the mac artist tried on me this lovely combo for a nude lip

Its a lustre lipstick called Fresh Brew and on top is Mac cremesheen glass from their new collection, In The Groove and its the Fashion Whim. I LOVE this combo. I lov glossy lips so i made sure to get a shiny color on top to match

Heres my makeup for today

Im wearing mac paint pot in constructivist on my crease and browns from my 88 shimmer palette from coastal scents. on my cheeks is mac cream blush in posey and my foundation is mac sctudio sculpt foundation in nc55. i used a mac 188 stippling brush to apply the foundation and blush.
so i have a little story to tell you guys about yesterday after buying my mac lip products
i was in a rush going to work so as im driving to work im looking for my new lip stuff to apply and i couldnt find it. i was freaking the hell out like there was no tomorrow. i wanted to desperately turn the car back to my house to see if my makeup fell out my purse and i had a feeling it did, but i was already running late. i get to my jobs parking lot and find my lipstick in my seat. i looked everywhere for the gloss which cost more than the lipstick, not there. my work day was ruined. ugh i go there everyday with makeup and wanted to show off my nude lips hehe
i get home at 9:15 get my dad's flashlight and guess what, my gloss was underneath where i parked my car earlier. my mom's car was in that spot so i got on the ground and grabbed my gloss. yipee!! lol the gloss bottle had a few chipped marks on it and the top got bent but the gloss is perfectly fine. woohoo. the bottle doesnt look that bad at first glance but up close u can notice, but idc cuz my gloss is fine =)
just wondering, have any of u had something like that happen to you with any of your makeup? im ready to have an attack if i leave something at home! lol
anyway, i bothered my lil sis all week about nude lipstick and my parents wanted to see what i bought so excitedly i put it on. i go to my dad and say, "look daddy, do you love my NUDE lips" i started making kissy faces and poking out my lips. he laughed in my face, turned around and walked downstairs. =O
lmao i thought he thought it was ugly but he didnt no exactly what "nude lips" meant so all he could is laugh. haha... men and makeup dont mix wen it comes to knowing what some things mean

so compared to what ive seen on youtube, my makeup collection is NOTHING compared to being alot! to the top left is my eye pencils, liners, mascara, and pencil sharpeners. dont ask y an eraser is there. lol underneath are my lipsticks and my new gloss. to the right top are my brushes, mainly sonia kashuk. underneath i keep my foundation and some random crap like hair pins, gum, earrings and in the main part are my blushes and eyeshadows.
so yea i guess im gona start showing makeup on my blog along with my party life hehe
have a good weekend

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