Sunday, July 25, 2010

Where to Start?

Hii my lovely readers! So I've been told a lot I should model. Im 19, 5 feet 10, and really slim. The issue is, I don't know where to begin. I googled some things and most suggested try Model Mayhem. I was willing to try and thought maybe I should just find a photographer, get my makeup done and get started. Then I googled about MM. There's mixed reviews about it. I don't know where to begin at all! I always tell my little 9 year old sister Dream Big, you'll end up on Disney one day. Disney has inspired us so much because these are hard working children making a name for them self and they teach children to dream big too. Ugh anybody know anything about modeling and where to start. I live in NJ but I hear NY is a main city for it. Let me know!
Anyway on to other things. Friday night I went to Queens, NY once again to a club with Eliza. It was fun as always, had a few drinks, dance, enjoy the nightlife.

I got the dress from Brooklyn a year ago and my makeup look:

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC55
MAC Creamblush in Posey
NYC Setting Powder
Maybelline Expertwear in Emerald Smokes
NYC Liquid Liner
Brows are filled in with MAC Eyeshadow in Brun
MAC Lipstick in Fresh Brew
MAC Creamsheen Lipgloss in Fashion Whim

Hope you all had a fab weekend! And does anyone know how I can add stuff to the side of my blog? I'm so lost, arghhh help!!!
xoxo kay


  1. i like the color of that dress. so pretty. :D

  2. hey mama to add stuff to your side go to dashboard click on design and you will see boxes click on "add gadget" and it gives you all the options i put pictures with the pic option and text with the text option i dont use many of the others but you can play around with it hope i helped