Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July Weekend =)

Happy independence day all!! so the family and i went to hershey park in PA for the weekend

im chocolate obsessed!!

me and my lil sis in chocolate world with these ginormous cookies. hers was a sugar cookie as if she needed to be any more hyper and mine was filled with peanut butter with a reeses in the middle. mm i lovee lovee lovee peanut butter & choco togeher!

me with my fav chocolate candy of all time, REESES!!! =)
i missed the fireworks this year =( i was supposed to go to the hudson river (jersey side) to see the fireworks macy's was having but i got back in jersey too late. traffic and parking would be a mess! so i was home.. wahhh. oh well next weekend i hope will be more fun
i think i wana start doing some makeup on my blog too, just to make it a lil interesting.. hmm we'll see
kisses hope u all had a safe holiday

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