Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Sick Obsession...

Hello all! so this is the third time i've changed my blog name. first it was going to be a beauty blog then i erased it a few months ago then i just decided to come back and call it the party girls world but i follow mainly beauty blogs, get inspired, and decided to call it a A Sick Obsession. For now i guess it covers it all. I have an obsession with makeup and partying so there you go! and i hope you all enjoy my new banner.
Anyway, this weekend on Saturday I went to a pool party/bbq with one of my coworkers Sharene. It was like an island party full of people from Trinidad, Jamaica. etc. I had a good time

jessica, my coworker sharene and i with our jello shots =)

us again in the hot tub
so onto the beauty
since its so hot everytime i come off of work at 9pm my parents tell me i look like i slathered my face in vaseline and that my face looks like a mask! so i bought nyc setting powder in translucent (thanks to watching dulcecandy87 vids lol) which worked for like 30 minutes! ugh so i went to the mac store and told the mua my situation and asked if i need a new setting powder or a new foundation. i currently wear studio sculpt. she recommended mac studio fix fluid which ive seen my friends and a lot of YT gurus use so i gave it a shot. today is my first day wearing it and i still set it with NYC setting powder so i'll review on it tomorrow.
also i went in for only the foundation and ended up asking about eyebrows! lol i bought eyeshadow in brun to fill in my brows

these are my new products which are being tested out today so i will deff review these in the next post depending on todays circumstances

Mac Studio Fix Fluid NC55 applied with 188 stippling brush
Mac Creameblush in Posey with 188
NYC Setting Powder in Translucent
Maybelline Eystudio in Give Me Gold
NYC Liquid Eyeliner
Brows are filled in with MAC Brun Eyeshadow
Mac Lipstick in Fresh Brew
Mac Creamsheen Lipgloss in Fashion Whim
thanks for reading and hello to my new followers. i only have 6 following but hey, u gota start out somewhere right? love you all
xoxo kaykay

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I love finding other people who have the same obession as me MAKEUP!!