Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pink Friday

Look what came in the mail today:

Pink Friday :)
This is kind of lipstick that looks different on everyone. I've been confused with so many swatches online. Here it is on me alone
without flash
with flash, yikes
It's best to not apply directly from the tube, best with a brush or patting it on and slowly building up. I then put Baby Sparks on top

I think Nicki Minaj makes it look more wearable on her. I'm definately gona play around with it to make it work.
Anyway, off to work
xoxo Kay

Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! Don't you just love Mondays? NOT.
Our small break is over and its time to go back to the work week. I just wanted to post my OOTD and FOTD
My OOTD is nothing new, my usual long tops/tunics/sweater dresses with leggings but I did pick up some new boots on Saturday from Target!

They were $34.99 and flat boots, no heel, just what I needed since I'm already tall.
As for my FOTD, since I was wearing mainly black I went for a little color using pink.

I'm wearing Fresco Rose Paint Pot with Pink Split MES eyeshadow and Sketch in the crease. My eyeliner is Fluidline Blacktrack and mascara is MAC Zoomlash. This is my first time using Blacktrack & I love it. It goes on so smooth and doesn't smudge.
Notice anything new? My hair is now jet black and wavy instead of the tighter curls
I had last time. What do you think?
Anyway, hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend and see you next time.
Kendra xoxo

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Night Out

Happy late thanksgiving =) Hope you all enjoyed your food. Stye is GONE (yes!) and my friend who goes away to school came for break so we did what we do best, PARTY !
Here is me and her along with my makeup:

MUFE HD Foundation 175
MAC Cremeblend Blush in Posey
NYC Loose Setting Powder
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Pots and Pans (Base)
UD Gunmetal (Lid)
MAC pigment Moonlight Night (outer V and crease)
MAC e/s Grain (tear duct)
MAC Fluidline Blacktrack with NYC Liquid Liner on top
Maybelline Colossol Mascara
Brun e/s for brows
Snob l/s
Baby Sparks Dazzleglass on top
We are both wearing the same lipcolor

Another great night out. Here's a few flix

Hope you all had a great holiday, got great black friday deals, and enjoying the weekend.
PS My Nicki Minaj l/s shipped this morning. Ahhh can't wait to get it
xoxo Kay

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Teacher Observation Look

Hey all. So as most of you know, I'm in school studying to be an elementary teacher/Spanish major and I have to do 6 observations of elementary school teachers to make sure this is what I want to do. I don't have much dressy clothes so I opted for a sweater dress and another simple makeup look.

I'm wearing MUFE HD Foundation, Cremeblend Blush in Posey with a rosy dark pink blush on top from my CS Blush & Contour Palette. My lips are MAC l/s in Mellow Mood with Budding Romance l/g on top.
For most of you, your weekend may just be starting so Happy Thanksgiving. Talk to you all in the next post!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Presentation Look Today

Happy Monday. Good news is my eye is ALOT better (yipee) but still a bit swollen. Still no eye looks for about 4 more days. But anyway, today I had to do a presentation for my Spanish class and decided to look a bit more done up then usual for my 9:30 am class.

Very simple look. I am wearing MUFE HD Foundation, Cremeblend blush in Laid Back, Viva Glam V l/s and l/g. As for my top, I'm just wearing a black oversized top with grey leggings. I can't wait to get back to doing some more eye looks.
Till next time, Happy Monday
xoxo Kendra

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fashion post featuring Garage Leggings

I'm glad you all liked my first fashion post :)
For this post, I'm going to feature my other favorite trend, leggings. I'm one of those people who do believe that leggings arent pants! lol Especially when they are lightweight and show it all, like the pantyline and stuff (cant stand it!) unless it's being worn with a long top or something.
But yesterday I went to Garage and found these super warm and comfy leggings for only $12! Can't beat that. I picked up 3.

Here I'm wearing the grey ones with a top that I normally wouldn't wear leggings with just because it's not that long, but these leggings are soo comfy and not as light as regular leggings that they can kind of be worn like this

Of course fashion is all up to you, there are no rules. I'm just showing a way I like to wear them. They are long, comfy, and really warm. I tried on the other two colors but had no idea what color or kind of top to wear with them. I'll figure something out eventually.
On my face is Pro Longwear foundation, Posey blush and Lovelorn l/s.
Till next time,
xoxo Kay

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fashion post featuring Hot Miami Styles

If there is one place I love to shop, it is definately Hot Miami Styles, and if there is one trend I love this season it's sweater dresses. It's the easiest outfit to put together. You don't have to worry about jeans, just a top and a pair of leggings.

Click here for the outfit
This is perfect to wear with leggings and when the weather gets warmer, it'll be nice enough to be a dress on its own.

Click here for this outfit
I should have gotten this in a small. But anyway, I love this because it combines my other favorite trend, the military trend. It's super comfy.

Click here for this outfit
I think this is my favorite. It's my favorite color, shows a little cleavage, and the ruching makes it give a little more shape to my body. It's not as warm as the others so when Spring comes I'll probably wear it as a party dress.

Click here for this outfit
And once again, them military inspired sweater dress! I've been wanting this dress for the longest. It's really warm, long, and comfortable.
All these dresses were ordered in a medium, but next time I think I'll order a small, except on the first dress because its super tight on me. I'll be making a few more purchases in the future and will continue to update with some of their clothes.
Eye update: the redness has gone down on my eye, but it's still kind of swollen. Hopefully you can't notice in the pictures lol I couldn't find shades in the house.
As for my makeup, I'm wearing MAC ProLongwear, MAC Blushcreme in Florida and MAC l/s in I Like Like That with MAC Dazzleglass in Baby Sparks on top.
Anyway, hope you all enjoyed this post and see you next time!
xoxo Kay

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eye Update: Stye

Hey everyone. I just wanted to let you know it turns out I have Stye also known as hordeolum. My eye was hurting for two days and on the third it swelled up. I went to the eye doctor who told me for the next 4 days my eye will be like this. She said it isnt the makeup thankfully, otherwise it would have been both eyes. With that said, for the next two weeks I can't wear ANY makeup. But, I did order some outfits from Hot Miami Styles so I'll do a fashion post when the clothes arrive, but I will be wearing shades to save you all from my horrendous looking eye. Till next time, take care!
xoxo Kendra

Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Trip, NYX Goodies & Eye Irritations =/

Hello my lovely readers. This weekend I visited a good friend of mine who goes to school in Rhode Island. I've always wanted to visit and party at another school because mine is super small and boring lol. I meant to show you what makeup I packed in my Lady Gaga makeup bag and completely forgot, but basically I over packed way more than the bag can hold. With that said, I'd just like to share with you a few pictures from my trip in Rhode Island.
When I first arrived, being such a tourist!
I love how it's like a mini NYC

We did a lot of partying. It was the best weekend and my first trip without my parents =)
So remember the NYX giveaway I won from the lovely Christine? My NYX goodies came in the mail today. I didn't think they would come so fast. For some reason, I keep remembering how in elementary school I was taught letters and packages from other countries take MONTHS even though they don't anymore. But I'm still surprised at how soon they came.

I think the blue bag she sent them in is soo cute. Thank you so much Christine. I actually received these while getting ready for work so I immediately tried the glosses out and one of the blushes.

Here I am wearing NYX Blush in Pinky and on my lips is Snob l/s with NYX Strawberry l/g on top

Here I'm wearing Up the Amp l/s with NYX Doll Pink l/g on top
Once again, thanks SO MUCH Christine! I can't wait to try out the jumbo pencils with my other colors.
Lastly, if you notice in my FOTD, I'm wearing no eye makeup. My right eye has been hurting all day and I don't know why. =/ Maybe it's because all weekend I partied and was too drunk to wash off my makeup at night lol but seriously, it hurts. I hope I'm not getting an eye infection from the makeup. I'm gonna lay off the eye makeup for the week. If you guys know anything as to why this is happening, please let me know.


Thursday, November 11, 2010


Thanks for all the great suggestions for using my NAKED palette!! So far, everyday I have been wearing the look in my last post. Today I switched it up and used the idea from Onjel to use Toasted, Hustle and Creep. Here's the look:

Toasted on Lid, Hustle in Crease, Creep on outer V
On my lips is Snob l/s with Baby Sparks Dazzleglass on top.

I also won my first giveaway the other day. I'm so excited! The lovely Christine Iverson had a giveaway to win some NYX goodies. I can't wait until it comes in the mail. There are so many giveaways going on that I can't wait to reach a certain amount of followers to do my own.

Until next time, happy thursday xoxo

Friday, November 5, 2010


Today was such a fattening day! I had lunch at Joe's Crab Shack and then dinner at my favorite restaurant, Olive Garden. I am super stuffed with major itis right now! But anyway, the other point of this post is, I finally did a look with my NAKED palette that I'm happy with :)

MUFE HD Foundation 175
MAC Blushcreme in Florida
NYC Pressed Setting Powder
Urban Decay Primer Potion
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Sidecar on lid
Buck in Crease
Creep on outer corner
NYC Liquid Liner
Maybelline the Volumous Mascara (LOVE this mascara)
MAC Mellow Mood l/s
MAC Buddin Romance l/g

Thank you all so much for the suggestions in the last post.
Have an amazing weekend
xoxo Kay