Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fashion post featuring Garage Leggings

I'm glad you all liked my first fashion post :)
For this post, I'm going to feature my other favorite trend, leggings. I'm one of those people who do believe that leggings arent pants! lol Especially when they are lightweight and show it all, like the pantyline and stuff (cant stand it!) unless it's being worn with a long top or something.
But yesterday I went to Garage and found these super warm and comfy leggings for only $12! Can't beat that. I picked up 3.

Here I'm wearing the grey ones with a top that I normally wouldn't wear leggings with just because it's not that long, but these leggings are soo comfy and not as light as regular leggings that they can kind of be worn like this

Of course fashion is all up to you, there are no rules. I'm just showing a way I like to wear them. They are long, comfy, and really warm. I tried on the other two colors but had no idea what color or kind of top to wear with them. I'll figure something out eventually.
On my face is Pro Longwear foundation, Posey blush and Lovelorn l/s.
Till next time,
xoxo Kay


  1. u look great sweetie,I actually prefer jeggings to leggings becoz leggings tend to show everythn when they stretch at hips&bum &it wont look nice with everythn showing lol..

  2. It really looks comfy! And I love the grey color (=

  3. such a cute look, I love Garage leggings they are so comfy!

  4. Cute outfit :) I love leggings but I agree I only will wear them if its with a longer top. I cant stand to see women in stores showing it all to the world! lol

  5. great style.
    i still cant get over how gorgeous you are! <3