Monday, November 22, 2010

Presentation Look Today

Happy Monday. Good news is my eye is ALOT better (yipee) but still a bit swollen. Still no eye looks for about 4 more days. But anyway, today I had to do a presentation for my Spanish class and decided to look a bit more done up then usual for my 9:30 am class.

Very simple look. I am wearing MUFE HD Foundation, Cremeblend blush in Laid Back, Viva Glam V l/s and l/g. As for my top, I'm just wearing a black oversized top with grey leggings. I can't wait to get back to doing some more eye looks.
Till next time, Happy Monday
xoxo Kendra


  1. You have so much natural beauty girl, you dont even need makeup! looks great doll! : )

  2. Im so happy your eye is better sweetie,cant wait to see ur pretty looks.. U look beautiful as it

  3. and its so gorgeous on you.
    natural beauty.<3

  4. beautiful as always! VGV is one of my FAVORITE lips to wear!

  5. Your skin look beautiful!!!!