Friday, July 2, 2010

Work & Sonic

so i finaly started my job on tuesday. i tutor students at my college in the summer program and we get these cool netbooks. unfortunately we dont get to keep them but the students do as long as they stay at the university. before we got our students, we all meet up as tutors and discuss our planning, but this time we were amazed at our netbooks and snapped a few pix cuz it has a built in webcam

my co workers marjorie & jackie, i love them =)

and today i finally went to sonic. they put a location about 25 minutes away, the closet one! the others are so much farther. and its located right near the gatsby salon from jerseylicious. me and my lil sis wanted to walk in so bad but we new they would at us like ??? lol but we took pix at sonic

got some vids but i need to edit it. overall we love sonic its our new fav restaurant. i havent pigged out in so long cuz i been eating healthy and going to the gym for last 4 weeks! but it was worth it, today was my piggy day hehe
anywho, me and the fam are out to hershey park for the weekend. ill blog there!

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