Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm In Mexico!!! =)

Hola!! I'm here blogging in the beautiful Cancun, Mexico. They are an hour behind us from the east coast. It's 11:50pm here. This is me in front of the hotel. I didn't do my makeup until about 5 due to luggage taking forever to get to the room (believe me, I was going crazy because all my mac stuff was in my bag and i wanted my 187 brush bad) and the HUMIDITY. I think my face would have melted off. But Studio Fix is still doing it's job but I'm not going to wear it during the day.

Me and my sisters ordered room service the second we got in the room!

Our lovely view

Me & my lil sis at the beach

and of course my makeup! Definately wanted bright colors to be in such a beautiful, cultural, and exciting place

Need to work on my blending skills but ugh w/e. My face is the usual and blues from my CS Palette.
So i have this idea that tomorow I want to line my eyes in the Mexico flag colors with my CS Palette. I don't want to put color all over my lid and look to crazy so maybe just lining it.
And omg the airport i flew out from had MAC! I was in LOVE! I was so tempted to buy another Studio Fix since I had to check in all my makeup ugh but whatever.
And i LOVE LOVE LOVE my 187! Such a good investment and it was worth the $$$
Hope you all are having a fab weekend
xoxo and hit me up if you are interested in the meet and greet mentioned in the previous post.



  1. Ooh! Have fun! Look like a gorgeous place :)

  2. You and your sister look lovely. Have enough fun for me too.

  3. love your make up it looks gorgeous
    plus your hair is flawless!!

  4. Wow, Mexico looks amazing - your make up photos are cool, really well done. x