Monday, June 28, 2010

Rainforest Cafe

So my summer job lost my paperwork and i couldnt officially start work so i spent the whole day with my lil sis Alyssia. I call her mini me. Shes 9 and shes such a character. She needs to be discovered already lol
We went to a restaurant called the Rainforest Cafe

& then did a little shopping. She got a new outfit from one of her favorite stores. Justice

Such a mess lol

Anyway, all i kept hearing about on youtube was imats and i was like what is that?? for some reason i kept thinking it was something to do with apple, like their techology and stuff (slow moment i know) lmao then i googled it and i was like =O OMGGGG!! i found the website and turns out there will be imats in april 2011 in new york!! ahhh. definately buying tickets for that. love love LOVE makeup!
done for now.. whats everyones plans for this weekend

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