Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Jersey Shore & New York

So I'm from new jersey, of course gotta love seaside aka the jersey shore. I went there yesterday in my new monokini from I LOVEE their clothes!
Click here if you like =)

Last night I went out with my friend Eliza to a baptism
Let me tell you, she is the ULTIMATE party girl, a hell of a lot more than I am but I'm just along with her clubbing it up in New York =)
There wasnt much about this weekend and since I'm bored I'll blog about last weekend which was a hell of a lot of fun! We went clubbing in Queens, club hopping for a while and decided to stay at OE Lounge. Its a lounge so it wasnt that big, but it was her girls birthday which meant free drinks all night. Plus Eliza's boy was there treating us to some Long Island Iced Teas.. yum =)

As usual we had a good time. and the weekend before that too. We went to another spot in Queens called La Boom where Tito El Bambino was performing. We left a little early and missed Tito cuz some of us had a little *cough cough* to much to drink lol =p

In Eliza's car before La Boom, sippin on Blueysss.. its a NY thing ;)

& my dress of course from =)

So i hope u guys enjoy my blog about my lil crazy life =) Definately will keep u all entertained

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