Friday, February 4, 2011


So last night me and Johane went out to Dolce lounge. We had a good time, nice sober fun :) Yup we were good girls, no drinking, just dancing and having a good time

Love Thursdays cuz I have no Friday classes and its partytime Thursday to Saturday =)
TGIF everyone xoxo

PS I'm finally kind of getting into twitter so if you want, follow me @miszkayy and I'll follow back.


  1. u&ur friend look sexy sweetie,looove ur outfit,makeup&hair=FABUULOUS!!!thanx 4birthday message had a great one

  2. Oh I luv ur outfit and that smoky eye..u lookin good girl!

  3. You are working that corset, fabulous. Love the foundation you are wearing here, makes your skin looks so nice.

  4. wow! you look hot! ;) i love your top that i want to buy something similar to it now :p