Saturday, February 12, 2011

Its pink friday at fridays

In honor of it being friday yesterday, I wore Pink Friday with Baby Sparks on top

Me, my parents, and Alyssia went out to Fridays and honestly, is this what technology has come to???

My dad is addicted to his Evo and my mom with her IPAD = obsession. I remember when my mom would get mad if me or Diondra would text at a restaurant and now look lol
I ordered delicious salmon with mashed potatoes & shrimp YUM

and heres me and mini me taking pix waiting for our food

Then that night, me and the girls went out for drinks

It was another good night, just chillin, relaxing, and unwinding from the work week and a lot different than clubbing. We relaxed & had girl talk.
Hope you have a bombtastic weekend =)
xoxo Kay


  1. U look gorgeous as always sweetie,love ur outfit&nice pics. Lol abt technology everyone got their own gadget 2focus on haha

  2. Looking great, that lippy is really pretty on you xx

  3. that lip combo is gorgeous! that food = OMG! delicious looking