Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another wild weekend (pic heavy)

Me and my sister went out to a Vday themed party so of course I wore a pink dress, its the dress I wore on my 20th bday. We were actually having a great night, up in VIP thanks to her boyfriend and the dj was great. I had soo much fun and didn't even drink one cup hehe =)

and thennnn a fight broke out. Downstairs was already packed, thank goodness me and diondra were upstairs because it was ugly! A guy was punching a girl! I was pissed cuz it was only 1:30 and they shut the party down, ugh! But there's always next week =)

Then the Renaissance hotel was doing a special where check out time was 4 pm. My parents stayed there for the weekend but left early this morning and gave me and Alyssia the key. We drove up there and chilled for a few hours.

Me and lissy together are a mess but we had a great time. It was our first hotel in jersey and it was actually pretty nice. We chilled in the pool then walked through the whole hotel.
Anyway, happy Sunday and hope your Vday will be filled with lots of love and yummy chocolate
xoxo Kay

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  1. that hotel is very nice&stylish, Lovely pics too. I love the first pic most Dont u jus look damn sexy gal. Its a pretty dress7u look fab as always