Thursday, March 31, 2011

Naturally Bronzed

I'm really getting bored with nuetrals and wanted to play in my colors but I had to meet with a "very" important person today which I will explain in another post if all goes well. So I stuck with matte neautrals using my UD Naked Palette.
I also have been looking for a bronzer for quite some time now and am giving the Cover girl natural hue minerals bronzer in Brown a shot. Can you notice it? I'm not sure if the camera really got it. If any of you know some good bronzers for women of color, let me know.

So this was my look for the day, a naturally bronze look. Tomorrow, back to playing in my colors. And in other news, Diondra moved out today. I like her new place and will post pics once shes all settled in. Now I'm moving to Diondras old room and Alyssia is taking over mine. It's just me and mini me now
xoxo Kendra


  1. Haha yeah i know, i absolutely love to shop :D
    Shopping makes me happy :P

  2. beautiful look sweetie,love it as always

  3. this bronzer looks gorgeous on! it gives such a beautiful glow and I luv ur makeup here..very pretty. BTW for my Tuesday look I am actually wearing candid coral from elf...Thank u so much for the compliment!