Friday, March 4, 2011


I bought my ticket for IMATS today and I am sooo excited. I have been putting money aside from every check for this but I was wondering, with all the exhibitors, how much is a good amount to bring to spend? I know I want to go crazy at NYX, OCC, Inglot, & so much more, but I wasnt exactly sure how much is a good amount to bring? Let me know.
Anyway, as for my eye update, I had my follow up appt and my eye is A LOT better. I did my makeup last night. It's nothing new really but I need some ideas. I always use Plumage and/or Sketch in a look but everything is the same. I need some new colors to use, getting sick of nuetrals too...any ideas?

lips are St Germain with Wet n Wild Lip Pencil in Amethyst
xoxo Kendra
Happy Friday and hope to see some of you at IMATS next month =)


  1. i love your FOTD! so pretty! AND I cannot wait for IMATS in LA! I'm so excited!!!! I think ours is in June this year. Have fun!!!!

  2. SOOO EXCITED..IM GOING TOO!!! We soooo need to meet up!! AND this is a gorgeous FOTD...BTW the brush I use for my blush is the MAC 168 and the MAC 138 for highlighting..I have used other brushes but this is one I tend to always grab for..its my fave..BUT for the physians formula PIC I was trying out my new sigma brushes and it was the F84..which I think I like because it blends the blush as I apply it, so I don't need my kabuki brush after
    HTH hun!!

  3. Oh! I wish I could go to IMATS! I've never gone to an event like that

  4. I'm going to IMAT't too. Can not wait! I hope I'm able to meet you all. It would be nice to personally meet my blogger friends :)