Monday, March 14, 2011

I was supposed to get shoes but....

I went to the mall for shoes this morning, and left with this

Clinique Even Better Foundation the life of a makeup addict, right?
But I have a good reason, I'm running low on my Estee Lauder foundation and since I love it so much, I decided to buy this to last me for a while.
The coverage is moderate and retails for $24.50 which is pretty good for a high end brand. I'm the shade Amber and it's a pretty good match. Here are the pix of me wearing it:

I like coverage and it covers my acne scars pretty well. And by the way, I didn't leave the mall with shoes like I was supposed too...oops :X
Talk to you all soon
xoxo Kendra


  1. been wanting to try that foundation for a while now, please do a review on it :)

  2. in mac foundations what color are u? i've been wanting to try this out too.

  3. aww love that foundation on u sweetie haha life of a makeup addict,i feel u on that,pleasedo a review soon thanx

  4. @christine & sher: i will definately do a review at the end of this week. this is my replacement foundation for this week since i'm afraid of using up my estee lauder lol
    @okrika: im not really sure my shade because I dont wear mac foundation. last time i was matched was in september, but i was still pretty dark getting lighter with the weather change and i was told i was nw45.

  5. the foundation looks very natural. for something that was supposed to be a replacement, from the pictures it looks pretty good! Too bad the shoes lost out on a new home though lol.

  6. I was good yesterday...I was supposed to get shoes like you...and I get shoes and no makeup, lol
    It's a miracle, because I entered Sephora, but I didn't buy anything