Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My mom's smokey eye

My mother's best friend is getting married and she suggested she use me for her wedding day. Well the bride decided to go with a makeup artist. The same day she came, the bridesmaids came and I practiced on one of them. The bridesmaids loved my look more than the mua and want me instead =) They want to convince the bride to use me so today my mom is meeting up with the bride. She told me to give her a smokey eye because that's what I gave the other bridesmaid. So this is what I did.

This look would have been a lot well put together if I had foundation for her and she obviously can't wear mine but trust me, I would have gone all out with foundation, bronzer, and a nude lip. Maybe this weekend I'll pick her up some foundation. Here is what I used
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Woodwinked (lid)
Vainglorious & Handwritten (outer corner)
UD Buck (crease for blending)
Falsies Mascara

& this is the look I did on the bridesmaid

Her face is Revlon PhotoReady in Cappucino
MSF Petticoat on cheeks
Eyes is NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
UD Naked (lid)
Sketch and Carbon (crease)
Folie in crease for blending
Grain (highlight)
I wish I had a better picture of her makeup but this is all I got.
I honestly feel I came a long from when I first started and I'm finally confident in doing other people's faces. Even if I don't get to do the other bridesmaids, at least I can do one and get started somewhere. Thanks to you all for your constant support and showing love.
xoxo Kendra


  1. That woman in the photo is too young to be someone's mother ;)
    you did an AMAZING job on your mom AND the bridesmaid! I hope the bride hires you instead!!!!!

  2. I like both looks, but the second one is my fave. Congrats on getting the bridal gig!

  3. awe i saw your tweet about your mom and thought it was so cute!
    she looks gorgeous, love the colors, especially on her.
    they both look gorgeous.<3

  4. This is so brilliant..
    I so like..

  5. Such a pretty look you created. Its hard to work on other ppl's face structures but you did great.