Friday, March 11, 2011

Hello Spring Break

So last night started my Spring Break. I wish my school would actually give us break in the spring but whatever. I went out last night with my sister and forgot to get a good picture of my makeup but here's a flick

This is another look with my NAKED palette. Im wearing Sidecar on lid, Buck in the crease, and Hustle in the outer corner. On my lips is Viva Glam Gaga lipgloss.
& of course some flicks from the night

my life
So I realize I always blog about makeup and never about my life. I kind of want to start opening up a little on my blog.
My older sister Diondra is moving out the 31st. I'm really happy for her and I know it will be exciting but its all bittersweet. Me and Diondra never got along growing up so I think thats why me and Alyssia are so close. When I turned 18, things changed because I was able to go out more with her but we still weren't all there. Now that I'm 20, we go out a lot more and I'm actually gona miss her. She's not moving far which is good, and I'm planning her a wild housewarming party =D
I'm also crushing on somebody o__0 this is wierd for me because everytime I talk to a guy, I call it off early because I wana just go out & have fun and they don't like that. My BFF has told me several times "Your too wild for a man" I'm not looking to settle or change my ways just yet, but I do want to start looking. Love is a rollercoaster and I'm not rushing it at all. We'll see where this goes....
& i'm finally getting into twitter. Follow me @miszkayy I'll follow back
xoxo Kendra


  1. I don't mean to sound perverted or gross, but I wish I had boobs like yours. Im jealous. LOL

    Anyways, your makeup looks great and you capture it perfectly. Also I agree that you should have as much fun as you can 1st before you settle for anyone. :)

  2. love the hair, love the makeup, and you look gorgeous! nice post.