Monday, September 27, 2010

What a Snob!

Happy Monday. So remember my last post about my eyebrows, I went to MAC and had an MUA show me how to fill them in. She filled them with Stud. I like how she did it but I thought it was too dark and bought Spiked along with Stud.

This is how the MUA did it. I love how she shaped them. Later I had to go to a Sweet 16 and like an idiot I wiped it off to try out Spiked.

I like how my makeup turned out, but when I tried to do my brows, it wasn't as good as the MUA, but what can I say, it takes practice.
Also, while at MAC I returned 6 empty containers and got Sketch eyeshadow, which is what I'm wearing on my crease along with Vainglorious on my lid.
& just some random flicks of me at the Sweet 16. The theme was Alice in Wonderland.

& my parents :)
& today's face of the day is what I called "What A Snob"
Today, since it's so ugly and raining, I kept my eyes very neutral with browns from my Coastal Scents palette and used Snob l/s & Revenge is Sweet l/g on my lips. I also tried redoing my brows this time with Stud. I think it came out a lot better then Spiked.

What do you think? Revenge is Sweet makes a sheer purple effect on Snob which I kind of like since Snob is a bright pink. It was also perfect to kinda brighten up such a gloomy day.
Anyway, 5 more days till my birthday :) I'll be 20 on Saturday Oct 2 and already got a few early bday gifts I can't wait to share with all of you in my next post!
Love you all xoxo


  1. practise makes perfect... don't worry i don't know how to fill in my brows properly either... sometime i make them too dark that it looks horrible :p
    so i normally only use a light brown colour to fill it in and only makes a little difference :p

  2. love your brows, i think they are very pretty. :) Im also loving your makeup, you look gorgeous as always :)

    x Christine

  3. the more u practice the better u will become dont sweat it. the snob combination looks amazing on you and i sketch is on my list to get too! xoxo

  4. I started filling out my brows too def make a huge difference. Snob looks great on you.

  5. You did your brows great! I don't have practice with them...
    & I absolutely love that lipstick!

  6. ur brows r on point hun as well as ur makeup..I love it u look beautiful

  7. practice makes perfect. They look great though! I'm absolutely obsessed with brows lol

  8. Snob looks soo pretty on you!! I like it! lol

    and yes.. eyebrows! lol..they take practice.. but you did an excellent job!

  9. i am loving that lip color!! digging the whole snob look hehehe. ^.^ happy early bday 2 ya Libraaa!! hope ya can check mine out!

    ps-got a giveaway ending oct9...

  10. I think your brows look very natural and they look good. It does take practice I used to never mess with my brows only was/thread them but recently I started filling htem in just a little and it makes a BIG difference.

  11. Hey Girl,
    I saw you commented on my post on makeup safety awhile ago. You mentioned how lipstick had animal parts in it (yuck!) Just wanted to let you know I've written a follow up if you wanted to check it out

    Love your lip color--it looks like cotton candy!

  12. Hello!
    Don't worry about it, make up is practice, u did ur best and i bet u'll do things marvelous with the time!
    This party seems to be awesome!!!! Really fun!

    See ya
    Ingrid Kali