Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Face Melted =O

Every woman's nightmare! Ahhhh!!
Today was the first day of classes and I'm an official junior on my way to becoming a teacher as well as minoring in spanish, yipee. Still hate the Praxis but what can I do? Things happen. Thanks to everyone who especially commented and made me feel ALOT better.
It was 95 degrees today and I put all my makeup prepping to the test and sadly, FAIL! Luckily it failed at 1pm when I got out of class. But ugh whatever, it's only school. I might invest in a bottle from Skindanavia and see how that works even though fall is slowly approaching.
This morning I read Yuri's Beauty Blog and found out about the Viva Glam Bag release. Go check out her blog!! She does such pretty looks :)So after class I rushed over to MAC and picked it up. Woot woot, still in stock :)

Too cute! MAC even has these stickers too

Then I went over to Sephora to try some NARS blushes. To be honest, I don't even know what combo is on my face because I just kept mixing and trying blushes.

I think it's a mix of Dolce Vita, Love Joy, and i dont know. lol. I was just having too much fun in there
Ciao for now ladies :)
& I will get revenge on that effing PRAXIS!!!!!


  1. ohhhh!!! I want that bag!! I gotta see if macys still has it!! good luck in school..minoring in spanishis a great idea..try UD all noghter spray to keep ur makeup on al really works..i luv makeup stayed on all day through clinicals today with minimal oil! yay!

  2. haha I just ordered it in fear it may sell out!! yay!!

  3. Wow, you got it!!! YAY :) I ordered mine online, just in case, because near me I only have a counter, and they are always packed, and the nearest MAC STORE is about 45 min away from me and there is no way I can go during the week :/
    Good luck with school! :)

  4. omg so cute going now to order it !!thanks doll