Friday, September 17, 2010

It's Friday!!!

TGIF! Today is payday so what did I do? Right after class I went straight to MAC to get matched for their Pro Longwear Foundation, especially since I'm getting lighter again. Turns out I went from NC55 in Studio Fix to NW45 in Pro Longwear...kinda weird going from NC to NW. I think the MUA was bsing me, she told me it's how my skin reacts to the weather. To be honest, I don't know but the color does match me well.

They're both the same size and I like how the new foundation has a pump. I will be testing this out this weekend. I'm so excited because the other day I wore Studio Fix and right around 8 hours of wear (the lasting time) I noticed it fading and looking just BAD so I have high expectations for Pro Longwear.
& here's me today

I used my neutral MAC shadows today Woodwinked and Handwritten and to jazz it up a bit I'm wearing Viva Glam Gaga lipglass.
A lot of you liked my hair straight. I'm a sucker for curly hair but might have it straight again to switch it up. Thanks for the compliments! I really do appreciate it.
Also wanted to show some linky love to the ones who always stop by my blog, check out theirs. They are all amazing!
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I also got sucked into the twitter hype, lol follow me @miszkayy I'll follow back
& still super excited for the prerelease party at MAC for Venomous Villains! AHHHHH :)
xoxo have a great weekend :)


  1. you went from an NC to an NW? oh i didn't know that was possible :p i've always been NC but i can't remember what shade anymore cos i stopped using MAC foundation, my skin break out quite a bit from their foundation so i use lancome now.
    i think curly hair suits you really well and it looks so healthy. mine is in need of a hair cut i have split ends! :S

    thanks for reccomending blogs to read, i'll definitely check them out :)

  2. Thanks for linking to me! Your blog is def one of my makeup favorites. Would you ever do YouTube tutorial videos?

  3. i would love to try a foundation from MAC. But their website dont ship to Norway. :/

    xoxo Christine

  4. NC to NW? That is kind of strange. I really need to pick up a new foundation b/c I'm fading as well! You're so lucky to have a MAC nearby. I love your hair either way but the straight is a nice change.

    P.S Thanks for the mention! Love your blog too ♥

  5. u look gorgeous ur makeup,hair&outfit.

  6. Hi KayKay:) I love your outfit, it's sexy, hahah:) I never used Mac Foundation before. is it really good? In Singapore Mac is very expensive (to me). Thus I can't really afford Mac cosmetics. However, you look goergeous even after the change of foundation shade (NC to NW).

  7. I just got an email about this foundation. I would love to see a review of it.

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  9. it is true the foundation numbers are different for everyone and it is based on the weather and your skin! everyone is different in nw nc because i believe the nc's are lighter foundations for winter and the nw's are darker for tanner skins in the winter! thanx for linking my blog your such a doll and hope you have fun at the event i probably wont make it :-( xoxo

  10. New follower,

    Love your blog and will stay tuned. Can't wait to see how the foundation works out for you :)

  11. I love your hair like this it looks very long and helathy.