Thursday, September 9, 2010

Embrace Your Cosmetic Addiction

The MUG Motto from Marlena aka Makeup Geek! It has gotten to the point where my mom is sick of me buying makeup and no one in my house understands my addiction. I ordered 3 Coastal Scents palettes hoping they would arrive when my mom wasn't home. Luckily, I got out of class early and as soon as I got home the mail lady arrived with my package...but my mom saw me with the box and asked, Who ordered something? More makeup! Didn't get away with that one...
Anywho, here's what I ordered

88 Regular, 10 Professional Blush Palette, Blush and Contour Palette
I'm very impressed but I am disappointed in the darkest shade used to contour. I'm going to wait until I get my color back being that I'm darker with summertime and try to see if this color will show up on me later.
So I of course did a look with this. Here was my inspiration from Marlena

Her Bollywood Style Makeup
& here's my take on it

This whole look was done with the 88 Matte and I used the very last blush in the Contour and Blush Palette. The contour shade is barely noticeable and I tried highlighting under the eye but you can't really tell in the photos.
Overall, I'm very pleased and now own 4 CS Palettes :) I highly recommend!
And I'm so happy to be near 50 followers, currently 42. Thank you all so much
xoxo Kay Kay


  1. No one really understands my addiction either haha *hi5* :) great look x

  2. I have the same problem with my mom...I'm waiting till next week when I go to Salamanca (I go to university there, but I'm from another place in Spain) to order the Bobbi Brown Manual and...some makeup haha
    You did a great job with that look!

  3. wow you did a great job with the look! I wanna try the coastal scents palettes just wish their shipping wasn't so expensive :(

  4. very pretty! wish i could do mine like that,lol ^.^

  5. Thank you for your comment <3
    i really love the NYX lipsticks, the quality is good and the price is amazing :)

  6. Hey girl, if you got it, work it! If I could afford that nice makeup, I'd have it, too!

    I love the way you do color. It's so daring. Your photos make me want to try new things!

  7. wow, your past couple of looks look great! and omg, yeah I finally got the baG!! It felt like it took FOREVER to arrive! :)

  8. I love Marlena from Makeup Geek, isn't she great? I had the opportunity to attend one of her makeup seminars and she is adorable :)