Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Venomous Villains & other MAC goodies!

I have been so excited for this collection and even more excited about the unveiling party! I ended up spending $147 at MAC and bought 2 things from their permanent line. There was a line to get in the store and when me and my sister finally made it in, it was super packed. My MAC store is super small so we didn't take much pictures inside or try on the costumes, but we got a few pics.

& here are my goodies

from left to right, Devishly Stylish, Wicked Ways, Revenge is Sweet, Heartless, Innocence Beware!, Snob (permanent), Vainglorious, De-Vil, Cushy cremestick liner (permanent)
I'm happy with everything I bought. I'll have more looks and things with this in upcoming posts but today I was so excited I used a few products.

Revlon PhotoReady in Cappuccino
MAC Cremeblush Posey
NYC Translucent Setting Powder
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Gold from my CS Palette on lid
De-vil on crease
NYC Liquid Liner
Heartless l/s
Wicked Ways l/g

Heartless is such a pretty red. It is my first red lipstick and I love how it looks! More on this collection during the rest of the week. This is my first MAC haul and the most I've ever spent in one visit and pretty more splurges to come.
xoxo Kay


  1. lovely stuff u bought hun..u look absolutely likey that lippy is pretty on ya...need to visit my local Mac counter lol thanx for sharing

  2. you are so gorgeous.
    red lipps looks amazing on you.<3

  3. I NEED to pick up that de vil eyeshadow, looks amazing on you!

  4. Great picks and the lipstick looks gorgeous on you!

  5. Really pretty look! I can't wait to get my hands on this collection :)

  6. Awww~! You're lucky! I want this collectionnn!!!!

  7. Looks like you went to Short Hills. I had to much studying to do. I'm glad you used the De-vil. That's on my wish list.

  8. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you're so lucky!!! you look STUNNING in that red lip!

  9. awww thank you for your comment, haha that would be so much fun if we went shopping together :)

    Aww look at you, you are so gorgeous.
    You are so lucky to have those items from their new collection. I really want to buy a few products but we dont have a mac store here :(

    xoxo Christine

  10. Really pretty stuff. Did you get any of the nail polishes?

    Tell me do you like the Revlon Photoready? I was thinking about getting it :)

  11. wow!! you got some great things!!! I just did a post on it was soo much fun!! your sister is adorable and I love the eye look you did!
    I love heartless too and as always that lippie looks great on u..I am so jelous because it seems like you can pull off any color!! Great post..I really liked it!!

  12. Hi Kaykay! wow lovely pics:) I love that eyeshadow on you, so shimmery:)and that red lips also suits you!now you really make me want to try Mac!lol!

  13. Hi! Im loving your blog!!, you got some great mac stuff! the collection looks so fun!

  14. Hi!
    You have an award on my blog (^_^)

  15. luck girl! you got to go!! I cant wait yo pick up my stuff at Dillards tomorrow!