Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Peachy Coral Lips

Hey loves. Just so you all know, I'm doing the no makeup thing this week. I've always had acne since 6th grade and although I don't break out as bad as before, I'm starting to get little bumps on my jawline and my cheeks. It's like acne under the skin so I'm giving my skin sometime to breathe.
Other then that, I notice I wear a lot of pinks and nudes on my lips & wanted to give coral a

To create this, I used Virgin Isle CCB and topped it with NYX Strawberry Lipgloss on top

What do you think? I kind of like it but I don't know what I would wear on the eyes with this.
Speaking of eyes, my Athma quad came Monday and I have so many ideas!! I'll get back into my stash on Saturday
Till then xoxo


  1. very pretty colour sweetie,love it!!!!can do brown eyeshadow or green lol but im sure wotever u come up with will be awesome..Hope ur acne gets better soon hun,take care

  2. Love the coral shade it looks more of a pinkish tone, I have a very bright coral from Palladio. I would suggest an olive color or something like rusted metal type of shade for the eyes.

  3. i regret not getting Virgin Isle but it looks so much like Vegas Volt... :/ what a beautiful lip combo!

  4. my lips are so dry right now compared to yours! lol.. i wear more nude and pink lips the most. but i do red occasionally for some fun. :)


  5. Gorgeous colour, i adore it. Coral is my favourite colour xx

  6. girl, thats a very pretty color on u. i am obsessed with pinks i also posted pink lips on my blog

  7. awww thank you honey <3
    I will post pictures soon :)

  8. that looks really pretty! how about something green or purple for the eyes?

  9. Hi Kaykay, it look so deliciously sexy on your lips! I think you can pull off many colours cos you're gorgeous! I like your eyes and lips (best features):).
    Katy (