Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Fluidlines are here :)


I'm wearing UD Gunmetal on lid, Buck in Crease and Creep in outer corner. My left eye is lined with Ivy and the right is Siahi.

I am in LOVE and my UPS man came 10 minutes early :) I was so excited when I answered the door, I can hear the truck from my window lmao And he'll be back next week to deliver my Athma Quad. I can't wait to use these as shadows.
Talk to you all soon, gotta get ready for work :)
xoxo Kay


  1. THose are pretty and they look amazing on you! Ivy looks scary but you made it look wearable!

  2. they look gorgeous.. suits the skin tone really well :-)) ..

  3. those are goregous..I love fluidline..I wanted those but they were sold out on got lucky girl! They look beautiful on you. I can not wait to see you do more looks with them!

    BTW the blush I wore in purple smokey look was gingerly with soft and gentle MSF. You know I recently bought the mac 130 to apply my MSF and works like a really makes it look so natural. I should do a review on day soon maybe lol..thanks so much for the commen..ur like one of blogger

  4. wow! Those look really great! Lucky you, awesome haul!!! :)

  5. they r very pretty sweetie great picks&btw u can check Gosh website Im sure they must deliver worldwide lol or check Ebay

  6. I meant to say earlier, CONGRATS ON PASSING YOU PRAXIS!!

    And go language majors! Lol

    That said, I'm really liking Ivy, but I never switch up my liner colors!

    And I'm glad I'm not the only one who knows my UPS/ Post man's schedule like clockwork. I love getting mail~

  7. Hi Kaykay, Happy new year! and wow! you look GORGEOUS in that eyeshadow shades! You really should do make up tutorial (I'll support you, and watch every of your videos):). you're talented Kaykay!:)
    Katy (

  8. they both look gorgeous! going to order mine too

  9. I only have tried the blacktrack but love love the quality and haven't found any other brand that can compare!! I love these colors!! I'm thinking of getting Siahi one cause blue looks so good on my brown eyes!! I love your curls today!!