Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Foundation too dark? Try this!

So I was obsessed with MAC Pro Longwear however I've been neglecting it because I bought it when it came out in September and I was still pretty dark. But then I googled how to lighten foundation and it turns out mixing it with lotion helps! Take a look:

You can see how dark PLW is in the bottle and mixed with my Aveeno lotion, it lightened up, but the true test was will it be okay on my face

I <3 it, its perfect for me now. It's too much work mixing but I'll save it for when I run out of my MUFE and EL foundations which are my top favorite.
Basically I mixed the foundation and lotion on one of my Sephora mirrors, stippled it on, then buffed it with my kabuki for even coverage.
On my cheeks I am wearing Posey blushcreme with a blush from my CS palette on top. My lips are NYX l/g in Strawberry.
xoxo off to school =(


  1. great tip sweetie,love all ur FOTD,u always look so pretty and chic..lovely smile too

  2. wow i didnt know you could do that with a foundation. Thank you so much for this tip, need to try it out :D

  3. omg what a great tip..i never even thought of that and it looks great on you! I luv this look of you..it is really pretty and simple

  4. thanks for the amazing tip KayKay!!!!! your FOTD is beautiful and i happen to LOVE that color shirt on your skin! :)

  5. Hey Kaykay, thank you for the tips and trick!check out my blog, you've won an award!
    Katy (http://katyrosli90.blogspot.com/)

  6. hey hun..thanks for your kind words to me. I wrote you back on my blog but I want to make sure you read it.
    Never give up on something you believe in. I am proud of you. Dealing with children is also something that is very hard to do, you need to be special kind of person for it. I commend you for picking such a difficult and stressful yet rewarding profesion. We need people in the world like you.
    You are truly an inspiration to me an I am so glad to have support like you..thanks so much :)