Friday, January 21, 2011


So I found a new love, INGLOT! I went to the mall and there it was. I felt like I was in makeup heaven and had such a blast. The workers were super nice and I was so overwhelmed by everything in there. Me and my friend were in that store for nearly an hour!

Me swatching like crazy acting like a kid in a candy store

My friend johane who does NOT like makeup, me and the mua made her get her face done haha
Johane loved her makeup so much, she began taking pictures like crazy

She ended up buying the cream foundation and making a 3 color lip palette.
As for me, I only bought 2 eye colors that I fell in LOVE with.

SUPER pigmented colors, I LOVE THESE!! The black is shimmery golds in them, I had to buy it. The other is like a pretty sparkly kind of dark brown with gold shimmers. As soon as I got home I did a look with them

Overall, my experience at Inglot was amazing. The MUA's were not very pushy, they were very chill. We chatted up a storm the whole time we were there and even got my friend into some products. I love the idea of freedom palettes, being able to freely choose what colors you want as you go along. I will definately be going back for more shadows and hopefully for lipsticks. Inglot does phone orders as well so if you want to order, call them up.
xoxo & i leave you all with a pic of me and Johane :)

have a good weekend


  1. wow i wish we had an Inglot here where I live, you girlsgot some good stuff.

  2. you'll get addicted to inglot... cos i'm addicted to it that i now just walk by the mac counter and go straight to inglot :p
    it's true that ppl working at inglot are a lot friendlier too :D

  3. Very color you friend looks great !! Nice foundation great review lovely

  4. we do hav Inglot somewhere in Central London really need2check them,great colours u bought sweetie u look pretty&gorj as always and ur friend looks beautiful as well

  5. I really want to try Inglot, their products look really good :)
    Lovely pictures. Johane's makeup looks amazing <3

    Xoxo Christine

  6. I never heard of it but it sounds great. You can make your own palettes?? That's the best idea ever!

  7. I need to go there! I products look amazing and the things are fairy priced, from what I hear!

  8. omg I am so jelous!!! I really want to try out some inglot stuff!!! thise shadows look great!! are they expensive??? I know there is an inglot in NY..I'm gonna have to plan a trip to go there when I go to the IMATS in NY

  9. I don't know why I never played with them until this year despite living close to the store and going there last year. Crazy pigmented for a good price too.

    I'm glad you and your friend had so much fun.

  10. would you by any chance remember what shade foundation she used???