Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mini Makeup Haul

For Christmas, I got $100 in Sephora gift cards so of course today I went and spent every last dollar on them, and then some extra :)

UDPP Professional Size, Illamasqua Cream Blush in Rude, MAC Cream Color Base in Virgin Isle (Stylishly Yours), Nars l/g in Turkish Delight, MAC Complete Comfort Cream

Saint Germain l/s is one of my lipstick I barely wear, but with Turkish Delight it makes it more wearable. I'll definately be pairing this l/g with my other pinks to get more wear out of them.
Also on my cheeks is Virgin Isle.
FYI: I wouldn't wear my eyes like this with bright pink lips, just trying out my new goodies lol

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have some fabulous beauty products. Till next time
Kay xoxo


  1. Ahh dont you just love Sephora?! LOVE what you got girl!! you look so effing gorgeous!

  2. I want to try that comfort cream! Sounds delish!

  3. amazing, i want all of these products :)

    xo Christine

  4. wow you are so lucky I think your eyes look so pretty with that lipstick.

  5. Oh I love it all hun,awesome haul I spent my gift cards on clothes&shoes haha

  6. I'm BACK!! I have missed you girl!! You got some great things at sephoria...I got a GC to there too for christmas and I have yet to decide what I want yet. St.Germain looks great on you..gorgeous LOTD

  7. I also love ur FOTD.. u r beautiful sweetie

  8. your straight hair is so gorgeous.
    lovely look.<3

  9. going to try one of the glitter eyeliners tonight, they look so pretty :)