Friday, December 17, 2010

Amber Glow

I'm in the middle of a look but I wanted to show you all what I'm wearing on my cheeks that I adore.

Such a pretty highlight or bronzer and makes skin just glow! And its only $4 a CVS. I've heard this is a close dupe of Stereo Rose but I'm not sure. I just wanted to show you all this lovely product. And I dont know if you can tell for my eyes, I made a thick line of NYX Glitter Liner and then put a thin line of NYC Black Liquid Liner on top and my eyes has just the right amount of glitter reflecting light without being too over the top! And just because I'm feeling bold, I'm wearing Heartless l/s with Revenge is Sweet l/g on top.
xoxo Happy Friday


  1. I've always looked at this whenever I see it but, I end up passing on it! Now that I've seen it on I think I might be picking one up!


  2. I also bought this cause of the stereo rose dupe. I loove it!

  3. u look very pretty as always sweetie,I love e lippy on u...