Saturday, August 7, 2010


All good things must come to an end...
Mexico was great but the ending was the worst! We were in the lobby and our car just pulled up to take us to the airport. In my head, I'm thinking, I can't wait to land at turn on my...OMG BLACKBERRY!!! So front desk called the maids who had my phone and they needed security to bring it. We waited for 20 minutes then the driver said he had another couple to pick up. I honestly could care LESS but my mom got pissed at me and said BYE KENDRA and walked to the car. She said the flight was more important than my phone, mind you it's 5:00 we don't take off until 7:30 but ugh, I understood. I MISS MY BLACKBERRY WAHHH *snookie voice*
Anyway, onto good news. Vacation didn't go by that fast, it went by just right and I'm kind of glad to be back home. Heres a look a did for a Wednesday night out. My older sis & I went to a nightclub at the resort


& here's me at the club when I first got there

I didn't bring any party clothes so yea =/ not by best look but ugh whatever
& this was the look for Thursday night. My older sis, Diondra and I went to Cocobongo in Cancun. It was so much fun, Mexico knows how to party!

Pinks from my CS Palette, everything else the usual.
& the night went a lil something like this

great night had so much fun!

Here's me & the lil sis saying bye to mexico!
Adios xoxo

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