Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blue Horizon Eyes & A Tag!


So today I decided to do a blue-ish look to match my shirt. It also kind of reminded me of when I was in Mexico, all the pretty blues I saw here that I don't get to see in the States.

I used random blues from my 88 Shimmer Palette and the blues from Maybelline EyeStudio in Saphire Siren.
I also got tagged by the beautiful Lisa Marie. Check out her blog here. She has so many amazing looks and cool posts so make sure to check her out and follow. Now onto the tag, yay, my very first tag so you lovelies can get to know me a little better.
* What's your Favorite Makeup Look???
My favorite is the Moonlight Seduction look I did yesterday, but other then that I love the smokey look. It's so sultry and sexy!

* What part of your Body do you Love??
I love my chest! haha I know I know but I have the smallest butt and most of my friends are hispanics with big butts and no chest so I learned to love my gals on top lol

* Who is your beauty Icon??
My beauty icon is Kim Kardashian. I love her makeup looks and even when the paparazi catches her off guard, her fashion is always on point.

* What Beauty Product makes you Feel instantly Good???
Wearing all my makeup! I grew up with bad acne and now am left with big pores and acne scars, so my foundation gives me a confidence boost. The blush I wear gives me a natural flush. I try to stop there but I just love it all go overboard and do the eyes lol

* How do you look after your skin??
Every morning and night I use Clean & Clear Blackhead Scrub.

* What is your Signature Scent!!??
I don't wear perfume.

* What's your hair care secrets?
My hair is the worst! It's so nappy and hard to work with. I've worn wigs, weaves, clip ins, everything for the past five years of my life. No one in public has seen my real hair in years.

* How do you pamper yourself?
Everytime my paycheck is exceptionally more than what I'm used to or being that I work three jobs and I get the checks in the same week, I immediately go to the mall or buy some new hair lol

* Finally How do you have a Beauty Philosophy??
I honestly feel there is beauty in everyone and everything. It's just everyone's perception of it is different so don't feel mad or bad when someone thinks that outfit you spent all night putting together is hideous, they just feel differently!

Thanks so much Lisa for tagging me, I had fun doing this. I tag:

And whoever else wants to do it. Those are some of my fav blogs to check out.
xoxo Kendra


  1. 3 jobs omg! good for you though :) and Im 100% behind you on that philosophy.

  2. Thats a gorgeous look, of course you are gorgeous to start out with so you will look beautiful in all colors!

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  4. Thanks so much for the tag and the support. I'll try yo repost during the week. your makeup is gorgeous(: