Monday, August 9, 2010

Another Trip to Mac

Still suffering from BWS (Blackberry Withdrawel Symptoms) wahhh! I can't believe I left it in Mexico! But onto good news, I picked up my paycheck and was ectastic! I still had money left over from my other job so what did I do today since I was off work from all three jobs? a visit to MAC!
Being a beginner in makeup, I still play around in colors and asked the MUA for 4 neautral colors good for work and school.

Love it! He put on Mac Studio Fix Lash Mascara which I already own but don't even wear because my lashes are already curly, but when I do wear it, my lashes look so much darker and fuller.
The colors picked out are
Row 1 from left to right:Woodwinked & Twinks
Row 2 from left to right:Handwritten & Grain
I can't believe all I wear now is MAC! It pays to work hard for what you want. I definately want to keep expanding my makeup collection and try some NARS, NYX, and Urban Decay stuff soon.
xoxo Hope you had a good weekend and I MISS MY BLACKBERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. heeey lady :) super cute blog!those mac color look great on you! im your new follower :)
    im a makeup artist and Aesthetician,and run a blog too,please check it out and follow :)



  2. those colors are nice very nice neutral colors