Sunday, August 15, 2010

My 9 Year Old Sister is a Mac Addict!

Ahh! What have I done? I've created a monster!

So being the rainy day that it is, my little sister was on The Face Face Blog who by the way has amazing makeup and wanted me to do her Ivory Pink Look. I'm nowhere as good and own only 3 mattes so as I was about to start, she told me she wanted her lipgloss so I thought, "Hmm trip to MAC" lol We went and she tried on Gimme That! from Dare to Wear which was super bright so the MUA recommended Flashmode, a lustreglass. It was perfect. And now she told me she's a MAC addict and that she won't play in my makeup unless she uses my MAC brushes...and she's only 9...uh oh
And here's my purchase

St. Germain

On top, the MUA swatched my hand with St Germain and Gaga and the bottom is just St Germain. I think my next purchase will be Snob. I also bought the 204 for my brows.
And here's the makeup I did today due it being such a rainy day.

I did my lil sis, older sis and grandmother's makeup, trying to brush up on my skills haha
xoxo hope you all had a fab weekend


  1. I love that lipstick colour!

  2. haha..ur lil sis is to cute and her eyeshadow looks fab!! st.germain look great on you too!!
    Hopefully your lil sis does not become an addict to soon or she will be going through ur makeup collection..I already have to tell mr sister to stay out of mine, but she is 21 and can buy her

  3. the makeup on your lil sis looks great and im a MUA! GOOD JOB !!!

    love the lipstick :)

  4. Bless her! shes sooo cute!

    follow me too :)