Monday, August 30, 2010

Beauty Treats & My First Blog Award

Thanks to the lovely icosmeticrn who has given me a blog award! Check out her blog, its amazing with makeup stuff which every beauty blogger loves!
My little sister bought me lunch at Sonic today, what a surprise, the first time she bought anything for me :) I was off work today so we had a little day together.

Alyssia ordering the lunch
Trying to learn the depth thing on my camera lol
I tried a brown smokey eye for the day using my Coastal Scents palette and I wore NARS Deep Throat Blush using my 188 brush, I like the application of the stippling brush than my Sonia Kashuk Blush Brush. It's much more softer and you get a lighter application to build up more color.

And I finally found NYX! I found Ulta on the way back home. The closest Sonic to us is 25 minutes away and you need to pass Ulta to get there so of course we made a pit stop there and I bought some NYX Goodies to show you all.

Round Lipstick in Narcissus, Silver Glitter Eyeliner, and Jumbo Pencil in Milk

I love Narcissus, it's been compared to Snob which I don't own so I don't know but I love the quality of the lipstick. Very creamy, the color payoff is great too.

I'll definately be trying this out soon because I love glitter and I'm a total party girl so I'll use it for a night out.

Tomorrow I will be posting about Milk. I've seen a difference with colors with Milk underneath, it's amazing. I'll also be posting about the L'oreal Base I've tried and how I prep my skin for makeup
xoxo Enjoy your Monday


  1. I don't know where you are in NJ but there's an Ulta in Watchung on Route 22 and you can find NYX in Harmon Stores all over.

  2. gorgeous look!! and u deserve that award always have such great post on makeup! and thanks for the shout out too!!
    BTW Narcissus looks like snob to be..I had it and swaped it away because it made me look dead but it looks great on u!!

  3. congrats :) looks like you had a great day!