Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Seaside 2011 (pic heavy)

What can I say, this has been a very eventful weekend. It was the worst/funnest weekend. The worst me and my mom got into a huge ass argument, then there was the wedding, and then I got into a car accident, I hit a freakin mercedes ugh but me and my car are okay, and yesterday I went to the infamous "Jersey Shore" aka Seaside. Seriously, Seaside isn't all that and now every store/restaurant whatever says, "As Seen On MTV" and every T-shirt has the Jersey shore quotes. But besides everything else, I had an amazing time at the beach with all my friends and it was the best way to end MDW. All I needed was a day out of the house!

then on to the boardwalk...

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, back to reality


  1. awesome pics,y'all look great,love ur boobs

  2. you look like you and your friends had an amazing time! I want to visit seaside! You guys look so fun!!!! and of course, you look amazing in all these pics! :)

  3. sux you got in a accident hope you fine !!! look at you looking all fly wow girl yor rocking that bikini top =)

  4. looks like you really did have tons of fun. i miss the beach!! im glad you're ok though after the accident. that means, more posts from u! hehe..

    thanks for the comment on my blog. these shoes caught my eye from far away and i just fell in love with it. haha!!! gotta have it... and they're on sale too. awesomeness.


  5. great photos! i went to seaside last june..and loved the boardwalk.lol. hope you can check out my blog or some +vibes & inspiration! i am also hosting a great giveaway; a one of a kind Frida Kahlo cuff! XOx

  6. It seems you had a great time!

  7. I didn't know there was anything like the Sephora Prestige Night in Spain until I receive my invitation last month, so perhaps there's something like it there...

  8. looks like you had a lot of fun! i want to go to the beach SO bad. :/

    follow me? :)