Monday, May 9, 2011

Disco Fries

Your not from jersey until you have officially had disco fries at a NJ diner. I've been wanting them all weekend and I found our local diner that serves them, so me and alyssia went when i got off work today

I know, it doesnt look too appealing but it is DELICIOUS!!! Fries with melted cheese and gravy yummmm

If your ever in Jersey, dont leave without trying the disco fries!
Hope you all had a good Monday
Makeup posts will be coming soon =)


  1. Wow I have bever even heard of disco fries but seems like a guilty pleasure.

  2. This post has my stomach grumbling. Send me some disco fries!!! LA doesn't have anything like that!!!

  3. this would probably make me vomit.
    but youre still freekin cute with your fries.