Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Could it be??? ...a post!!!

Ahhh yes! A post after FOREVER!!! Most of you know my bag got stolen with my mother's camera and my camera broke before that but I was playing with my camera and it seriously has a mind of its own. Some days, the lens comes all the way and the camera turns on and other days the lens comes out halfway then goes back!
Anyway, I havent gone out in 3 WEEKS *GASP* I have been STUDYING like no tomorrow, even on the weekends. But Saturday, my friend Alicia invited me over for the night...yea I didn't get home till 4:30 am, such an unplanned night, but I have pix to share =)
See the lens being retarted!!!!

Tomorrow is the last day of classes so I'm off to study for my finals.
xoxo Hope to be back soon with a makeup look


  1. LOve to see you back! We missed you!!!

  2. Missed your post, good luck on your finals!

  3. nice pics,glad you back again,missed you&goodluck with ur finals sweetie!

  4. god your hair is literally perfect.
    the curls are stunning.
    you are beautiful my dear.<3