Monday, April 11, 2011

My mommy's MAC haul

So most of you know, no one in my house is into makeup except me, but my mom recently wanted to try foundation. We went to MAC and she hauled some new goodies. I didn't think she would but she actually liked everything.

My mom getting her face done by one of my fav MAC artists
& here are her goodies, she hasn't opened them yet but when she does I'll take another picture

Studio Fix Fluid (NC40)
Blush in Sincere
Prep & Prime Highlighter in Light Boost
Lip Pencil in Stripdowm
Plushglass in Bubbletea

I'm secretly hoping she gets into it so I can have someone to share my addiction with :) I already gotten 4 of my friends asking me questions about makeup and blaming me for their unnecessary makeup purchases =X Oops hehe
xoxo Kendra


  1. Yay thats great, i hope she gets into it :)


  2. Sounds great,ur mum is gorgeous!!!My mum loves makeup but we live in differnt continents hehe!!!

  3. Kendra your mom is beautiful! I understand wanting to have someone close to you share the same love you have for something, esp. makeup! I'm sure she'll grow to love it, esp. since she made an effort to get her face done and she purchased some things!

  4. that is so cool!!! her haul is great and I am pretty sure she will get into it with you if she already bought that much and claiming not to be that into makeup..LOL,,I think u might jus =t have an addict soon :P

  5. Your mom looks 21 years old and I want that plushglass!!!!!!!

  6. How sweet !!! Hopefully she gets into it btw you looked great at imats

  7. yay for your mummy's haul! It's always nice to have someone you can share your addiction with. You'll get plenty of friends asking you questions, because i certainly do :p And it be so much more fun to have more friends to do makeup shopping with :)