Friday, April 8, 2011

its a party its a party

my camera broke before i even left so no makeup pictures, just pix from the photographer at the club, and one of me and romina before my lense decided to go retarted on me. figured i would post something than nothing.
last night we celebrated diondra's boyfriend's 24th birthday. me, diondra, johane, romina, and brandon =) and im mad because tomorrow night they are going to ac on his party bus (him & 30+ peeople) and i cant go cuz im not 21 =/ wahhhh

romina me johane diondra

my dress is a bandage dress from joyce leslie. you all know i love my bandage dresses


  1. You look smokin' as always. I love tight fitted dresses for going out. :)

  2. wow you look super hot little lady !! that song is just for you

    " show me whatcha got little lady , show me watcha got lil momma "

    looking great have a great weekend talk to you soon

  3. u look stunning as always,that dressis perfect for u..nice pics y'all look gr8

  4. You look so pretty <3 That dress looks perfect on you :)

    Xo Christine

  5. Now I wish I looked like you in a black dress! Youre gorgeous!