Monday, October 25, 2010

Let's Up the Amp in Florida!

Happy Monday! I tried to be a little creative in my post title, lol.
Anyway, long story short the Sephora sale started a day early. Thanks to one of my lovely friends who has the blog Confessions of A Doll, she bbmed me. Me being impatient told my sister to order my items, BIG MISTAKE! She ordered the wrong things. I had to cancel my order and now 4 days later my credit card transaction isn't cleared, UGH!
I forgot I had money stashed away for A Tartan Tale so I dipped into that money and picked up Up the Amp l/s from MAC. It's gorgeous!

I also ordered Florida creme blush from the MAC in Lillyland collection released back in January. I was first getting into MAC around that time and didn't know about LE stuff so I called Gone but Not Forgotten on Wednesday. They told me 2-4 weeks but I got an email on Thurs saying my order has been shipped. It came today :)

It's a lot bright than my Posey creme blush and it's very POW in the pan but it shows up beautifully on skin. Here is my FOTD:

In this one, I'm wearing Up the Amp with Revenge in Sweet l/g on top
Have a wonderful Monday. Did you get anything from Sephora? and thanks for the recs for Going Bananas :)


  1. u look very pretty e look. Up e Amp is so pretty I love it&that blush is pretty too unfortunately I shy away from creme blushes lol

  2. you look beautiful! i need to get up the amp for my collection!

  3. you look so pretty <3

    xoxo Christine

  4. Aww that sucks bout the sephora order :/. Hope you get that situated quick! I love Up the Amp ( I dont have it the sis does). I'm still kinda afraid to get it but it's such a nice color and it looks great on you!

  5. love it hun the colors look great on you

  6. I also ordered from sephore since htey had a sale. the colors look good on you.