Friday, October 8, 2010

How much is your face worth? TAG

I saw a topic on spektra and thought, why not make it a tag on my blog? This should be fun, seeing who has the most expensive face lol. Here's me for the day:

L'oreal Perfecting Base $12
MAC Pro Longwear Foundation NW45 $30
MAC Blushcreme Posey $18
Blush from CS Blush & Contour Palette
NYC Setting Powder $5
Woodwinked $11
Handwritten $11
Black from CS Palette
NYC Liquid Liner $2
Brows filled in with Spiked $15
MAC Heartless l/s $15.50
MAC Wicked Ways l/g $15.50
Total: $135
My face is worth $135
Some people on spektra were saying its not really the cost of products which make the amount since your not using the whole product, but hey its for fun :)
Sooo I tag all of my lovely readers and let me know if you do this. I'd like to see how much all your dolled up faces are worth. Some people even included skincare and was over $300+ for their face!
xoxo have a fab weekend loves


  1. I love that lip combo! Super cute! I did one too, hehe

    Check out my blog @


  2. first&foremost u look absolutely beautiful sweetie,love ur makeup=FLAWLESS!!! and lip colur too anyhoo I will do the tag and link u back...thanx for sharing

  3. My face would be really expensive...not for the products, but for the price the products have in Spain, lol
    In Spain the products are more expensive than in USA. For example, if a foundation in USA is $20 in Spain...20 euros or more. And $20 are not really 20 euros...I don't like it! Here everything is more expensive! (T__T)

  4. What do you think of the Mac Pro Longwear? I'm beginning to think of makeup for my wedding and saw Dulce Candy do a video of it on YouTube--it really does last a long time! Do you like the coverage?

  5. This is soo cool!! I'm gonna try this!! I also think I'm gonna try the cheapest face too!!! I love your hair!!! You look so pretty!!!

  6. Hey you look great!!! Love your hair....Lovely blog sweetie!!!

  7. Hi there, thanks for your comment, im following you now. Great idea for a post :) xx

  8. dyyying for your lips, that is suuuch a gorgeous color.
    you face is flawless, you look beautiful.<3

  9. hey sweetie,did e tag please come check it out

  10. I have both those lippes and love them!
    I followed :)

  11. Ohh shoot you really know how to work a bold lip! Love it!

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  13. wow,so cute.
    I love your Lip color.