Saturday, July 30, 2011

Last friday night...

Got some new shirts from the mall. I love these long and loose flowy tops. They're so comfy & perfect for summer.

Basic stretch white tee, Pink & Black flowy heart tee, Brown & black tribal print tee and its lace in the back, animal print top (loveee animal print), & a lace cardigan
& then me, Diondra & Johane went to a bowling party last night. I wore the white tee with the lace cardigan and shorts. My makeup is all Urban Decay - Hustle (lid), Buck (crease), Creep & Zero (outer corner)

Enjoy your weekend. Today I'm taking my sisters to the camp I work at & introduce them to a lil nature life.


  1. Those dresses are HOT! and you look beautiful and looks like you had fun Kay!

  2. I suck @ bowling. :( anyways i agree, long tops are comfy. Now days top are too cropped looking...i hate that style b/c i have a little pot belly. Lol

  3. I love the tribal print one! You also looked very pretty when you went bowling!