Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tone up by October?

So I decided, I'm not trying to gain or lose weight but I really need to tone up, especially my tummy area. It's so hard because I eat everything! My mom calls me the disposal lol. But in reality, its so hard because theres so much good food out there. My mom cooks us enough food but at the same time, we go out to eat alot. I'm a big pasta eater which has hella carbs so its super tough to cut back. My goal is to tone up by my birthday October 2nd. I'm planning a big 21st and I want to look extra nice in my dress.
I would like all of your support with any tips you can give to help me out. I know this takes sacrifice and dedication and I've fallen through this cycle many times. Starting NOW, I refuse to overeat just because the food is there, its good, or because I'm upset. But remember, I dont want to lose or gain, just tone.
Thanks to you all for always being here and commenting on my blog. I'm up to 103 followers! Woohoo!!!
xoxo Kendra


  1. Yay to 100+ followers sweetie..I think u look great regardless maybe u can commit to the gym twice week lol

  2. congrats to 100+ followers!I don't think you need to tone up, you look great! but it never hurt to exercise :) I fail in this department :p cos i get so lazy since there isn't much motivation and my parents are chefs so you can't not eat!
    Also Kay I wanted to let you know i tagged you in a blog award here...